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Official KGames is a solo independent video game developer, which is the creator and self publisher of two released Indie Games [REC] Shutter and Baby Blues. Focusing on making free Indie games of all genre, It was founded in early 2012 and got the name from the first letter of the main founder and developer, Kumi.


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[REC] Shutter is a free-to-play horror adventure game, based on playing as a reporter in a asylum; it is the first project to be developed and released by KGames on Nov 5, 2012 for Windows. Baby Blues is a free-to-play horror survival game, based on playing as a toddler in a house; it is the second project to be developed and released by KGames on Jan 11, 2013 for Windows. Read more about all the projects by clicking on the link below.


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Creating a game is hard , cost money , and takes time . KGames is not a big team, putting everything by itself will be harder then ever but with this little donation you will be a big help and a motivation to KGames. Support the development and donate, all donations will go forward to the development. Make KGames possible! Support the development and with your help; it could and will get bigger! Thanks for being awesome!

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Official KStore is an innovative 3D developer and artist asset store page of Official KGames. Focusing on the assets, complete projects, KITs, Packs, Templates and 3D models that drastically speeds up your time for game development. Official KStore and Official KGames are both under the same holder; Official KGames is the developer and publisher of creating full indie games while Official KStore is operating under Official KGames that is developing the assets, complete projects, KITs, Packs, Templates and 3D models for the Unity Asset Store both for independent developers and/or any one that is willing to start into game developing.

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